Daniel Jelic

08/04/2019 - 19:41
Daniel Jelic
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Hello everybody

I am new here,
my name is Daniel Jelic and i am 34 years old!
I love racinggams a lot and it was time for a wheel and seat!
Many month a go i meet Alfik somewere in rFactor, i was still playing with a gamecontroler...
But now, it is an other time with a wheel... :D
I hope we will see uns on the road!

but till yet, i cant drive not more then 1 lap. because i will be kicked by the server, about tool-error...
the server tells me i need to put it on, but it still is on.... i havent any antivirussoftware left on my pc, the standart-win-antivirus, i put off. also i allowed everything about rfactor and the tool....
but still kicking me!

iam in TS, have teamviewer and will helf so much i can, but i need somebody to fix this s..t!
thx ty