Race of Dubai IRG Winter Formula 2018


So, from d'Albi we head to Dubai Autodrome as second to last race of the IRG Winter Formula 2018 Series is about to end in few weeks time it's good for the drivers to make everypoint count to secure a position in the championship. It looking tight on the Drivers standings as potential of 4 different drivers to take champion positon. There is only 42 points of difference between those guys with 154 being the highest and 112 the lowest from the 4 drivers. There is a lot to fight for and attendace for every race can provide better position on the Drivers Standings. Last of 2 races in the series will determine the IRG Winter Formula 2018 Champion.
We had been talking lately about Tomasz Wach lately and our topic was that he could win the championship and how well he could maintain that positon going into d'Albi race where we saw losing his leader position although still being only 11 points behind the current leader "Szymon Piwinski" with 154 points. Tomasz Wach can still come back to that position but he needs to try really hard in 2 remaining races of the season.

Szymon Piwniski scored a whooping 70 by winning both races which no other competitor in the series has ever done which also gave him the leader spot on the drivers standings. This sort of form could easly give Szymon the championship but he needs to go flat out till the end of the season.
Few facts about the Dubai Autodrome:
- Opened in October 2004
- Length of the track is 5.39km(Grand Prix Course)
-Hosts the first major road racing event. The Hankook 24 Hours of Dubai
-2 fatal accidents in 2010
The track is very technical as there is a lot to work against on the track as there are a lot of elevation changes and also the camber angle of the track varies a lot on every single corner making a setup the biggest nightmare for a beginner. This track will show us which drivers can setup cars for cambered tracks and how far their technical understanding can reach.
Can the top 4 drivers maintain the fight for the championship till the last race? We will see about that during the race that is set to take place THIS Sunday on 18th of Febraury 2018 at 20:00(GMT).