Silverstone GP

The first race of the IRG GTE season is behind us, it was happening.

After winning the qualification, Michał Nizio could not maintain his position and fell to the 3rd place, then he managed to regain one position at the "sprint" distance. Unfortunately, in the second race, this driver scored again and finished in the 5th position. The fans could admire the fights of many competitors along the entire length of the track. The winner of this fight was Daniel Stepkowski, who won the first race, ensuring his start from pole position to the second main race. During this race, the aura was mixed in between the drivers. Due to monsoon rainfall the track got very slippery, but in these difficult conditions the drivers did not fold their weapons, they fought bravely with each other. There was no small collisions and the commission now has some work. The highest advancement in the second race was recorded by Wojciech Klimek, starting from 23 positions he managed to get 8th place at the finishing line. The team maRKam or Marek Cieślak and Michał Kamasiewicz did not end this weekend in a good mood, the first of them in the second race scored a big drop and the second did not finish the race at all. Probably not such results were expected by the fans of this duo and the players themselves looked very well prepared for these struggles. We do not have to cross them out of the fight for top places but they have to show off their better side in the second weekend. Daniel Stepkowski won the first place for the second time and in total a set of points on the Sepang track. Quiet driving and good pace of this driver is a good goal for other players.

Now the drivers and their facilities transfer their equipment to the land of Albion, the Silverstone track is known to all fans of the moto-racing and provides incredible fun for both drivers and fans who we hope will follow the next struggles of their favorites on this object. As it happens on the island, and even more so at this time of year, the "mistress" may again interfere in the competition. For drivers, this is an additional incentive to train. For fans, encourage them to plan a comfortable place to watch the race.

On the Motogames Tv channel, as every week, we invite you to a report led by the IRG Studio.

We remind you about the changed hours of qualifications and races.

Start qualifications at 20:45

The first "Sprint" race at 21:05

and the main race will start around 21:35