Evenings are getting longer and longer, it's a good time to start a new season of cans

The first race in the IRG GTE 2018 season will take place at the Sepang International Circuit. This object is known primarily for the Formula One-1 races that take place here until 2017. Tor very liked by drivers so we decided to give him opportunities in other series. For many this track is considered the most successful project by Hermann Tilke.

We are starting the GT season on a new fashion, the choice fell on the "GTE" package from Studio 397, and as all the drivers have already saved, we can not wait for the first race to go off, as we know this season we will have 2 races on each track. The first of them will be a 20-minute sprint, setting on the grid will be determined by qualifying as for most races. After completing this shorter race, the drivers at the start of the 70-minute "main race" will set themselves in the order of the sprint.

8 rounds per season is enough to encourage fans to watch Motogames Tv on a regular basis

We invite drivers to intensified preparations before the first weekend with new cars, when the lights are out, there will be no time for corrections.

Almost 30 drivers have signed up for the season, how many will survive until the end of the season and what will be their results in the drivers 'and teams' classification on our forum. Each of the drivers at the start has a chance of victory, the fans will have their favorites. We wish you all a good time. We start this Sunday with a demanding facility.

Let the engines roar, let fuel in the tanks, and keep the tires as long as possible.