Race of Spa Francorchamps

Spa Francorchamps will be the next track on which drivers of the IRG GT3 season 2018 will race. This track is known to everyone from both F-1 races and many other series. This time the drivers face a challenge. On Sunday evening on this track we will play a race simulating 24 hour struggles. Simulating because with us it will take 2 hours and 24 minutes. You have to prepare for such a race in a special way. Good stable setup, good strategy with fuel and tires will count. Well, there will definitely be fitness preparation, who was going on long-distance races will certainly have a slight downhill, and short-distance runners and hot lappers will have quite a challenge.


We remember the dramatic moments during the previous Nurburgring race when Daniel Stepkowski withdrew after the technical problems from the race, which was used by Zbigniew Siara regaining the position of the leader of the series. The chase of Marek Cieślak in the end of this race was also very exciting. He drove for a new set of tires and with rapid pace he made up for losses and gained positions. In the end, he even managed to jump on the lowest stage of the podium in this race. Łukasz Krawczuk lost his box after the penalty, placing himself in the 5th position.


As far as we are writing this announcement, only 2 drivers have a limit, but we hope that drivers will start working hard from work tomorrow and that we will be able to broadcast the IRG Studio in Polish and Andrzej https: // www. twitch.tv/nitjsefni in the English version


Such a race as this one that requires special preparation provide emotions to fans and commentators, not to mention drivers. You can say, nobody wants to offend that such races share a simracing world for boys and men. With no difference which drivers will support your due respect, you will need to give all those who have enough "Cojones" to face this rival during the weekend, but above all with yourself.


We invite fans with a catering supply for the MotogamesTv channel and drivers who will be at the start of Sunday's struggles, we assure you that we wish each of you a successful start and the desired chessboard finishing preparations and this difficult and the only in its dimension in the IRG GT3 season 2018 race.


PS, do not forget to turn on the lights when the charming Ardennes valley where the track is located night's darkness.