Race of Nurburgring

We are going to race the GT3 cars next Sunday around the version of Nurburgring that has been createed after driver made protests about Green Hell's as driving on the limit around this layout was getting rather dangerous with many fatalities. It is a fragment of the legendary track located in the Eifel mountains. This section was created in the 80's.

As, this is the 5th race of the season, we can expect some drivers to change their car's. We would like to remind you that drivers can change their car after half of the season as they are entitled to this cahnge without losing the points gained so far.

Regarding the points, - Stepek (Daniel Stepkowski) is leading the driver classification having a 15 point advantage over Zbigniew Siara and he can't rest on his laurels. The struggle of these two main heroes of this season IRG GT3 is in full swing. The next group of "fighters" is Szymon Piwiński, Kami and Tomasz Wach, these drivers formed a group fighting for the third level of the box.

Next we have another group fighting for lower positions, but the differences between the players are not large and we hope that it is bordering on the conviction that we still have to change. Both Zibiman and Stepek as well as other drivers will not let go during the next races.

It's only good to enjoy this because it will give us another nice evenings during the broadcast, as usual livestream on the Motogames Tv channel from the IRG Live studio and https://www.twitch.tv/nitjsefni


We invite you on Sunday, June 3rd at 21:00 CET