Red Bull Ring IRG Formula 2018

The drivers of the series are not in agreement in the assessment of this object, one fits its characteristics others complain. The reasons are different, but one of them is the very location of the track, away from civilization outside the same track and adjacent buildings, we have here a picturesque mountain landscape.

A characteristic feature of the track in our league is its obscenity, quick turns in S2 squeeze the seventh sweat out of the tires and it's easy to overheat there and thus loss of grip. How the driver will deal with this problem will affect the chosen strategies. The descent to the avenue is not long and you can try a more aggressive strategy, but remember that overtaking outside one longer DRS zone is not easy. 

Sebastian Kosmala did not win the previous race during the Canadian GP and this is the first race this season when someone else stood on the highest step of the podium. Until there are no official results, we will not give them in the race announcement. Anyway, the group of contenders for the second place gets longer and more tight. Łukasz Ladmann, Zibiman, Adrian Kot, Szymon Piwiński and Tomasz Wach are fighting there. We do not receive mathematical chances to win the season by a different driver than Sebastian, but looking realistically there are few opportunities. 

As it is recommended in mountain climates to track forecasts, the aura can change quickly and may surprise you with an additional attraction in the form of rain. 

We will be able to see it during the live broadcast broadcast by Andrzej on the MotogamesTV channel

Race Weekend:

Sunday - UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw)

21:00 Practice session

22:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)

22:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)

22:30 Warmup (5 minutes)

22:35 Official race (56 Laps) + FL

24:00 Weekend finish

Pre race limit: 50 laps on server


Server name: 

IRG_Formula#1 (open 24/7) - race server

IRG_Formula#2 (open 24/7)


How to join: