IRG Formula 2018 GP France

For the next evening with our drivers this Sunday we invite you to a very technical facility. The name and characteristics suggest that it will not be easy. The Paul Ricard Circuit built in the early 1970s between Toulon and Marseille had a long break in the history of Formula One. The last GP before returning to the 2018 season calendar was played in 1990. Alain Prost was the winner in "his" land. Now our drivers will stand on the grid to fight for points and who will manage this art best by watching the relationship.

The last race on the Singapore Grand Prix in heavy conditions was taken by Zbigniew Siara, as you can see the driver looks good no matter whether he has a roof over his head as in the IRG GTE series or sits in a single-seat car.

The thread of this track are sequences of very technical corners and errors that can happen can be avalanche. Failing to hit one of the first corners can cause a lot of damage. Then it is not easier. The selection of tire mixtures and their consumption will probably play a big role in the strategy of individual drivers. In the drivers' classification, the leading positions are occupied by Tomasz Wach and Sebastian Kosmala, the latter lost the position of the leader. We know that one of the reasons was the absence of the last GP because Sebastian in a group of colleagues went to Simexpo at the Nurburgring. Will he want to regain first place in individual classification in the next race? Paweł Mrówka and Łukasz Ladmann fight below in the table for the lowest stage of the podium. These drivers, like the first two, share only 6 points.

After the reduced number of attendance drivers at the last IRG Formula 2018, due to the "business and social" trip to the Simexpo fair, we expect another good weekend, we are already looking forward to the relationship with Andrzej, and Paweł.

41 that require the highest concentration of laps driven at an even and fast pace is the distance that the drivers have before them - this is the minimum goal, only after crossing the finish line you will be able to assess whether they managed to achieve their goals. We wish all drivers a chance to see a checkerboard at the end of the race, and the fans are once again invited to televisions, computers or other screens.