Belgian GP - IRG Formula 2018

Drivers rested during the summer break and they return to racing at the famous Spa Francorchamps. This track was created as the second in history after the equally famous Le Mans. Already in 1925, the first competition in single-seat cars was played here. The winner was Antonio Ascari, the father of the later world champion Alberto Ascari.

Spa Track Francorchamps located in the picturesque valley of the Belgian part of the Ardennes and for years has been the arena of struggles of various series. Drivers like to race here, Eau Rouge is the showpiece of this facility. In the history of Formula 1, we had a lot of dramatic starts and collisions. Especially during races seasoned with rain, and on this object often in one part of the sun shines while on the other falls.

Similarly, in our league we had a lot of exciting races here, let's recall a race from the 2015 season when Kris Kaczmarkiewicz won the "wet" race. A year ago, Makatak won on this circuit. It can be clearly seen that surprises can always be expected on this track, statistically speaking, here we have a high percentage of drivers who do not finish the race. Recalling last year's struggle with 26 drivers at the start of the chessboard at the finish line, only 13 drivers were happy. You must admit that a lot, even exhausting and dotted with bands, Monaco can harvest less.

As you can see in the results and on live timing drivers in various ways prepare their cars, aero settings and suspension will be of great importance during the race, choosing a package for fast sectors 1 and 3 need to be cautious in the winding sector 2. Strategy will also matter here .

Everyone will hopefully choose the right descisionand during the Sunday broadcast we will be able to count on an exciting spectacle. Andrzej with the guests on the MotogamesTV channel will provide viewers with video and audio settings during the transmission, and the drivers will hopefully show that during the holidays they have not forgotten how the IRG Formula 2018 cars are being driven.
We cordially invite you to the Sunday evening and we remind you that the IRG GTE 2018 season is coming soon, something for enthusiasts of driving in a closed car with a roof over your head, which is how it is commonly said "in a can"

The length of the loop: 7004 m
Race distance: FL + 35 laps
Number of turns: 19 (10 left, 9 right)
Number of brakes: 8 (2 strong)
Dedicated mixes: medium / soft / supersoft