WF 2018 Regulations

1. General

1.1. By participating in the series, you accept the General Regulations and the following.

1.2. To start the game, you need IRG to be downloaded from the download centre and used when you are on IRG servers.


2. IRG servers

2.1. IRG servers are available only for registered users.

2.2. When you are on the server, you must have the IRG running.

2.3. The user uses services on IRG servers under the name and surname (given in the profile) and possibly with a nickname chosen during registration.


3. Licenses

3.1. The license is granted by IRG Administration.

3.2. Stable driving, fair play behavior, polite and friendly, personal culture on servers and throughout IRG website, have a positive impact on decisions. Doing the oppositely as stated above, does not have a positive effect on the decision and may lead to parting with the possibility of using the IRG website.

3.3. The license is granted for 2 years, this time is counted from the last official race in which the license holder participated.

3.4. If you have a license in another IRG racing series, you do not have to get it again. All you need to do is submit to participate in another series in the appropriate topic on the forum.

3.5. A prerequisite for obtaining a license is positive verification by IRG Administration during the training races.

3.6. The IRG administration allocates licenses according to internal, established rules:

    A person wishing to obtain a license is obliged to start in fullrace the day before the official gp (Saturday 21:00) and present him with his safe and stable ride. It does not matter if the race is finished or not.

    If it is not possible to start in fullrace it is permissible to pass the license starting in a few minutes under the supervision of the administrator.

3.7. The message about the decision on receipt (or not) will be given in the "Driver Panel". Inquiries can be directed to e-mail.


4. Teams and players

4.1. Team is a double person squad (requirement - both players have a license).

4.2. Registration of teams are accepted on the forum in the "Current Events" section, in the relevant topic.

4.3. Team name can not contain offensive or offensive phrases.

4.4. Due to copyright, proper names can not contain names of real teams, their obvious elements already existing in the real racing series, paintings and other names existing in reality.

4.4.1. In the Winter Formula 2018 season, we choose painting and teams available in the mod, it is not possible to use our own paintings.

4.5. There have been fixed numbers of drivers since the 2014 season.

4.6. The driver gives 2 offers of the number for himself (the first has a higher priority) during the recording.

4.7. The numbers must belong from range 3-999, taking into account whether the selected number is not used yet.

4.8. The number can not be changed.

4.9. The driver loses his number if he does not take part in any official race during one year.

4.10. Numbers 1 and 2 are reserved for the champions of the seasons, as long as the champion wants to ride with a privileged number. These numbers are given accordingly

- 1 for the current champion of the regular season

- 2 for the champion of the winter season.


5. Server settings

Closed Qualify Sessions (session closed)

Closed Race Sessions

Race Client Wait = 120 seconds. To get ready and go to grid

 120 seconds of initial waiting for the start to the formation round

 The approved vote is: Next track, next session.

 Restarts of the session and the race will be punished with permanent expulsion from the league.

 Flag rules - Black only

Fuel usage - Normal

Tire usage - normal

 Mech failures - Time scaled

Driving aids - Clutch only

View - cockpit only


5.1. Race weekend plan

 20:30 Practice session

 21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)

 21:15 Warmup (5/10 minutes)

 21:25 Official race R1 (35 minutes)

22:00 Official race R2 (35 minutes) TOP 10-Reversed grid

UTC + 1 time of the schedule


5.2  Weather on servers

#1 Full 

#2 Full-without rain


6. Official Race

6.1. During the Official Race, access to the server may be limited by a password. The address and password for the respective race will be given in the "User Panel".

6.2. During the Official Race there is a total ban on any voting and chatting in the game chat.

6.3. The race takes place in the presence of a minimum of 4 players.

6.4. In the IRG Winter Formula 2018 season, 2 races will be played.

6.5. The distance of each race is - 35 minutes. In the case of changes, a message will be issued in a timely manner, allowing participants to prepare properly.

6.5.1. Start to the second race - (the first 10 will start in the reverse order, counted according to the position at the finish line of the first race).


6.6. Qualifications

6.6.1. Qualifications will be organized for each race.

6.6.2. Qualifications begin on the day of the official race from 21:00

    Q1-15 min

 6.6.3. During the qualification any voting and chatting in the game chatbox is strictly forbidden.

 6.6.4. Between the qualifying session and a race (after the first measurement lap) car settings are blocked except for the fuel quantity, type of tires and front spoiler.

 6.6.5. Drivers who have qualified in the top ten are required to take part in a race on tires made of the same mixture, on which they obtained their best lap(Q).

6.7. Limit of laps:

6.7 The condition of full participation in the "Official Race" is to pass 50 measuring laps.

The limit should be made to start the collection. (20:00)

6.7.1 It is necessary to have 30 laps if You want to start from the Pit Lane, with special Admins permission.

6.7.2 Doing laps after 8pm will not affect the statistics. Administrator or bot will not take it into account (at the time when it will gain such functionality). Requests to include these laps will remain unresponsive to the administrator.

6.7.3 In the case of participation in the race without the required limit,  player will receive DQ. The lap status can be checked on the page after each session.

6.8. Start in the season:

A person who wants to start the first time in the season, regardless of whether he has a license for a long time or has just won it, will have to obtain a limit of 50 measurement laps on the server. For such a person, there is no smaller limit to start from the box. This rule do not apply to licenced drivers in winter sason.

6.9. Only players with a license are entitled to take part in the Official GP.

6.10. Tires

During "Official Race" drivers are required to use only two types(dry) of tires from the three provided for this GP. Each mix must travel the minimum distance of one measuring lap.

6.11. In the Winter Formula 2018 season, the rules for tires compounds during the race do not apply.

6.12. Start of the race is preceded by a formation round (FL), whose rules are widely known and understood. If not, we invite you to the FAQ.

6.13. ORANGE LAP - the first lap after starting, be careful and do not cause collisions. The penalty committee will verify all competitors on this lap, Best Line (BL) is not on T1.

6.14. Usage a half of the service position applies (only left or right wheels are in the position). The Commission does not draw consequences from this maneuver, however, it verifies the correctness and if it turns out that another player has been blocked, the guilty one will incur a penalty.

6.15. After the race, everyone who finished the race must send a telemetry via IRG a. Not sending telemetry within 48h of the completed GP results in an automatic DQ.

7. Division into groups

 - there is a button on the page to register for the race, you have to click it if you want to start, until Saturday before the week until 23:59;

- for 40 people there will be the first division into groups according to the stints classification of people who entered the race;

- in subsequent races, if there are 40 or more people willing, there will be a breakdown according to the scheme:

gr1 p1-p12 - maintenance in gr1 is ensured


gr1 p13-24 - fight on stints by gr1


gr2 p1-p3 - guaranteed promotion to gr1


gr2 p4-p12 - fight on stints by gr1


- stint - 10 measuring laps taken in a row;

- if there are less compettitors than 40 everyone will drive together again, if in the next race there will be 40 or more, the whole will start again, that is, all fight with stints by 1;

- people fighting in stints for a ride to gr1 are required to send telemetry from the fastest stint only, otherwise they will be added 1 minute penalty to that time;

- every trip on the route is absolutely or culpable or not + 1s until the stint;

- only the fastest stint will be tested, it is not possible to delete stint time;

- stint should be driven according to the rules in a given gp (the right mixture of tires);

- in the case when someone does not report to the race, but wants to go to the grid, if there is a division, if there is no division, he can race only if there is still some free seat;

- if someone lets off the race or not report, but does not go, drops to the pool below, ie: if he had a start in gr1 he drops to the pool of gr1-2 and then he must fight for the ride in Gr1;

- Stints and telemetry from stints should be sent until Saturday before 23:59;

- each newly registered for the season starts up to 1 of their GP in the season in the lowest group;

- a special page will appear on the page with the current division into groups, including the gr1-2 pool classification



 8. Training race-and MiniRace


8.1. Training races will take place on Saturdays and possibly on Sundays - but only those in which there are no other races (Official Race) other racing series at 20:00 and 22:00.

8.2. MiniRace can be held every day, at any time, when there are minimum 4 players on the server.

 9. Red Flag

9.1. The appearance of the red flag indicates the RED FLAG written by the administrator on the chat

9.2. Red flag appears only in the case of technical problems (incidents on the track can not trigger RED FLAG)

9.3. After receiving the information, drivers should release and go down to the boxes and not leave them even if the track scrolls to the decision of the administration.

9.4. The administration can order:

       - resumption of the race by setting on the grid people who rode in the race and did not have DNF / DQ status for the race, the number of laps is the remaining number of laps to pass.

       - Finish the race according to the results of the lap preceding the incident (in the case of driving less than 50% of the distance, drivers will receive half of the points)


10. League classification


10.1. Points are awarded to competitors who have completed the race.

10.2.Riskers who have not completed the race to be classified must have 90% of the total distance.

10.3. If there was one race, the player who finished it receives points for the place obtained according to the scheme of the first group.

10.4. If there were two races, the following scoring as BELOW:



GR 1

GR 2









































































*Divers in group 1 below 24pos. will not have points

*Divers in group 2 below 10pos. will not have points


11. Protests


11.1. The driver has the opportunity to report protests, incidents of which he was a participant (perpetrator or aggrieved and unsportsmanlike behavior, which he was a perpetrator or victim.) Application deadline is 48 hours from the end of the race then within 48 hours of the protest, all competitors included in the protest (as the perpetrator or aggrieved party) may respond to the protest.

11.2. The protest may be submitted by the victim / culprit and IRG Administration.

11.3. The protest should be reported via the "Report Incident" form located in the "Driver Panel" tab.

11.3.a Drivers who protest must correctly fill in the data needed to verify and find the time and place of the incident, incompliant and incorrectly filled applications will not be considered by the IRG Administration.

11.4. Each protest is considered by the IRG Administration.

11.5. The deadline for filing a protest does not apply to IRG Administration.


12. IRG Administration


 IRG has the right to impose a penalty on the player:

 12.1. Add time to the finished race.

 12.2. Transfers by a certain number of positions in the finished race.

 12.3. Start from the boxes in the next race.

 12.4. Reversals for a certain number of starting positions on the grid in the next race.

 12.5. Disqualification in the finished race.

 12.6. Exclusions from a certain number of races.

 12.7. Drive through (up to 4 laps of the race) *

 12.8. Stop & go (up to 4 laps of the race) *

* after not being penalized in the designated number of laps, the game itself gives disqualification

below, the schedule of predicted penalties depending on the offenses, the administration has the option of applying different penalties depending on the offenses, and the circumstances accompanying these events.


Type of offense

main penalty

alternative penalty points*

Accidents, contacts, non-compliance 2W*

2W rules are discribed in FAQ:


- basis (penalty for withdrawing a position in a given race)


- the victim lost 2-5 items (additional penalty)


- the victim lost more than 5


position (additional penalty)


- the victim can not continue


race (additional penalty)


- for each additional car


aggrieved in the incident (penalty point)


- when the event takes place on L1 (additional penalties)


- when the event takes place in ,, 0range


Zone "(usually S1) (penalty dimension x 2)


-kara for thoughtless actions (set by admins)


- a bug on the yellow flag (penalty x 3)


- putting the victim in a position (reducing or withdrawing a penalty)

Collision - injured 1-3 vehicles


Penalty: from -1 to -5 places,



Collision - suffered by 4 or more vehicles


Penalty: from -5 to -10 places,



Collision - eliminating a player from the race


Penalty: DT BOX etc. in GP additionally

1 penalty point for each victim


ad1) additionally the possibility of DT in the next


ad2) additionally the possibility of S & G in the next



- position: on the yellow flag, in


the result of overtaking, defense,


"propelling" - out of the track (unless


that the item will be given back)


- return to the track causing a loss of time or forcing the rival to brake

Kara DT or S & G


in the next race

2 penalty points

-cross over the pitlane (in/out) line

DT for next race

no penalty

-blocking another player on


position in the service lane (punishment


depends on the time of blocking x 2


rounded up to tens up)

Time penalty or DT, S/GO for next race

1 penalty point for every 10s lossed by victim

-blocking on a lap (split or flying)


Grid penalty for the next race

in the race up to -6 possitions

2 penalty points

-blocking a a up runner for more than is needed

Grid penalty for the next race

in the race up to -3 possitions

1 penalty point

-run off i qualifaing lap 

game will no count this lap

no penalty

Track limits:

Game will add penalties during a race:

2 warnigs and third warning will become a penalty


no penalty

* Penalties obtained for the last race in a present season are counted always and only until the last race, DT or S & G penalties will be changed for example: 15 seconds to the time of the race in the case of DT or 15 seconds + penalty S & G

*2W - 


Penalty points* 


1. The driver receives penalty points for every offense (except for a reprimand).

2. Penalty points for further offenses are added.

3. After receiving a total of 5 points, the player is prohibited from taking part in the next race.

4. A driver who has driven 2 races without penalty and reprimand shall deduct one penalty point.


13. Other


13.1. IRG has the right to ask a player to send telemetry data from the race.


13.1.a The administration uses telemetry while considering incidents, telemetry helps in assessing driver behavior, additionally helps in detecting fraud, players still MANDATORY must send telemetry using IRG a from:


- qualification for the race - only at the request of the Administration. The administration has the right to ask for this data for the next 7 days after the race.


- from the race within 48 hours of the finished event


Telemetry is only valid from the DAQ plug provided by IRG . For example, the DAMP plugin does not provide us with the data we need.


Player is required to install a DAQ plugin available in IRG ,


then within 48h after the race using IRG , send telemetry from the race session (if finished).


In special cases IRG Administration may request telemetry from the race even despite the DNF.


For the lack of telemetry (only after the Administration's request), the STOP & GO 10s penalty is awarded.


The player is disqualified for the lack of telemetry from the race. (DQ)


If the game got "crash" please send temporary files. (Temp)


13.2. In the case of absence, the penalties imposed on the player pass to the next GP.



13.3. The administration has the right to change / improve the series mod if necessary.

13.4. The decisions of IRG Administration are undisputable and are not subject to change.


13.5. Any contact with the IRG Administration, especially regarding penalties, is only possible via e-mail. or pm directed to the administration, all attempts to write about penalties and complaints on a shout or forum on these topics may ultimately lead to the removal of the player from the servers, and the forum.


13.6. IRG Administration may remove from the server or from IRG platform, a player who has committed acts incompatible with the rules and general rules not included in the Regulations.


13.7. All issues not included in the regulations are resolved by IRG Administration.