.: Definitions.
Portal -  an internet service which provides virtual entertainment with the use of the Game
Game - rFactor  and fFactor2 by Image Space Incorporated
Owners –  [IRG Systems] holds the copyright to Portal and and all the graphics, sound and software included.
User - a person using the Portal

.: 1 Costs
All costs are financed by advertising and sponsorship contracts. Owner of the Portal is free to decide how to place and display ads.

.: 2 Content
The owner is not responsible for the content of the ads as well as the consequences associated with running them on the pages of the Portal. Any messages about Game's functionality posted on the Portal's Forum, as well as any other information which is not an integral part of the Portal code, are the author's responsibility. The content inconsistent with the Polish and EU legislation (eg content that can be vulgar, discriminatory, offensive, anarchist and politically incorrect in any form) will lead to a removal of the user's account, and in the case of serious violation of these rules it may lead to criminal action.
The owner has every right to control the content transmitted by using the games, Portal and Forum.

.: 3 Responsibility
The owner is not responsible for any damage caused the use of the Portal and the game.  Any claims concerning a loss of profit, either caused by the usage of the Portal or the Games,  the result of  usage of the Portal or the Games or  reasons beyond the owner's control (such as a server or connection crash, online attack on the Portal server or games). Owner of the Portal is not responsible for the actions and the damage caused by the users of the Portal “IRG-World ".

.: 4 Confidentiality
Personal data provided by the User (e.g. an e-mail address) are protected by a secure server and are not subject to any direct turnover to marketing outside of the Portal. Information received by the server software (e.g. IP address, browser type) is used only for identification of the User's account during the process of using the Portal and the Games, and it is not shared with any other institution, unless the law states otherwise (e.g. suspicion of a committed crime ). All information about the user is permanently removed 10 days after deletion of the account.
Our website uses cookies, which are required to log on to our site. Cookies do not contain any personal information.

.: 5 Transfer
The use of software and hardware that can cause unintended data transfer online or influence the course of the Games is prohibited. In particular, the automatic and semi-automatic programs and devices used in order to:
attempt to hack and intrude on the Portal server and games;
retrieve data from a database or memory and disk space used by the computer's browser when using the Portal and games;
generating and / or transmitting the information associated with the Poratal and Game to the users, passing their mechanisms.

Usage of the above mentioned  programs and devices leads to irrevocable exclusion from the Portal and blocking and removal of your account. The owner, in the event of damage to property (eg, a server's temporary breakdown) caused by use of these programs and  devices, reserves the right to claim compensation; its amount being at least the same as the damage which has been caused, as well as the ensuing court costs  and other possible costs forseen and requested by the Polish legislation.

.: 1 Rules of communication
Members using the Games and Portal's official communication systems  (private messaging, forums, etc.) are required to maintain an adequate level of speech enabling mutual understanding.
Entering into the private sphere of another user, in particular threats, blackmail and offensive vocabulary towards another user is prohibited.
Indecent and improper conduct towards another user (eg, insults, slander, accusations) when using the Portal and during the game (messaging system, forums, etc.) is prohibited.
Communication during Game is permitted provided that the users respect each other's privacy and difference in opinion. Sending and generating unwanted messages (eg advertising, spam) is prohibited.
All actions detrimental to the league by breaking the netiquette, inappropriate behavior of users' by advertising portal "IRG-World"  through other sites with similar content, using the name "IRG-World", its logo and website address will lead to the consequence of account removal.
Actions aimed to advertise other sites with similar content on the pages of the portal "IRG-World" are prohibited and will lead to blocking of the account.
Usage of the names, signs and abbreviations which are elements of the game, vulgar symbols and phrases, extreme right-wing or left-wing phrases, extremist or sexist phrases when naming the teams or the user's account is prohibited.

.: 2 Passing On User Accounts
Passing accounts onto other users is prohibited.

.: OTHER:.
.: 1 Software / Scripts / Tools
To use the Portal, browser must be running in text or graphics mode.
Using various methods of internet transfer to store elements of the Portal (the site or its parts) on other electronic media in order to view them outside the Portal is forbidden. The use of programs and scripts, and devices which store elements Portal for later playback / viewing in offline mode (without an online connection) leads to blocking of the account.
The players are permitted to use programs and scripts which process the information entered manually  and do not interfere or use the Portal's server's system software (e.g. databases of personally recorded information, spreadsheets).
Using software to block ads paid for due to sponsorships is prohibited.

.: 2  Game and Portal Errors
The owner has made every effort to ensure that the system of the Portal and Game works in a safe and stable way.  Lack of functioning or malfunction can not be the basis for any claim by the user against the owner.
The use of  errors and loopholes in the Portal and the Games system is prohibited and will result in blocking the account which the user is taking advantage of.
If you find a bug or an error which allows unauthorized access to or violation of the integrity of the Portal or the Game's system. the user is obliged to inform the owner. Users who fail to do so and who will in any way pass on the information about such error will have their accounts blocked.

.: 3 The Regulations
Regulations are published on the home page of the Portal and Forum.
The owner reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time. However, the any changes made will take effect within seven days after the announcement.
Each user will be informed about the amendments to the Regulations via the Portal's messaging system.