IRG PC 2 Starter Nurburgring

On Sunday at 9PM CEST we'd like to invite you for an evening with the

IRG PC 2 Starter series for the third time in GT4 cars.


For the dessert to finish off the test races, what we have in store is

the all-famous Nurburgring, which many of us had the opportunity to get

to know first-hand last year, when the IRG-World team and friends

visited the Simracing Expo. We must admit that after a brief test run in

PC2, not only the layout of the track is perfectly reflected in the

game, but you can also feel the atmosphere.


A year ago we did not think that we would take a break from GT cars in

rfactor 2, but now it has become a fact. We can see that there is an

interest from drivers, and we're also seeing more fans tuning into IRG

Studio live broadcasts, which we are still trying to "polish up" as we

go, as it motivates us to work. Of course we still have some quirks to

iron out, as you've probably seen during the last race, on Zolder, but

our behind-the-scenes team is working hard, and we hope that in just a

few more weeks we'll be able to provide the best possible experience.

And despite the issues we've experienced, we still hope that the race

and the transmission was as enjoyable for everyone - drivers on the

track, fans on the transmission, and commentators in the studio - as it

was for us. And to add the the experience, the race in Zolder started

with a bit of rain, so we've had changing conditions and the fans could

see how Livetrack 3.0 works in practice.


The track was drying up during the race, but the process was definitely

faster in places where there was sunlight than in places hidden in the

shade, making the track somewhat tricky for drivers. Besides that, even

in the drier parts of the track there were puddles, where drivers could

quickly lose control of the car. Which of course means they've had to

decide whether to change tires for faster, new slicks, or stay on the

worn out and overheating rubber more suitable for the wet weather.


Racing in PC 2 Starter is a preparation for the main season of GT3 cars,

so we've decided not to set a password for the final testing race at the

Nurburgring. During the official practice, qualification and race

sessions our server technician, gTc, will monitor traffic and try to

find out what caused the issues on Zolder.


For everyone interested in the Nurburgring experience with IRG, the

Sunday's timetable runs as follows:


20:00 Beginning of the official practice session - don't forget that

penalties incurred during this session can be transferred to the qualifying


21:00 Start of qualifying, 15 minutes without laps limit


21:15 Start of the race, We plan to race 80 minutes, tire wear will be

set x2


If there are any changes or additional information, we will post it in

administrative announcements on our forum.


We invite you today to the live broadcast from the air-conditioned IRG

Studio on the  MotogamesTv channel.


As for the weather, it looks like we're about to have a dry race, but be

wary, as final forecasts will be given on the race day, and of course if

you decide to join us on the PC2 server, you will be able to check what

"Mrs Weather" has prepared to us.


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