Project cars 2 GT3 league

GT3 @ Project Cars 2 League.

A handful of information before starting GT3 tests and choosing a car.

Because we have been a little busy here in Administration lately and we also encountered some problems with the way of presenting the results for the next season, for today we provide in a rather brief way some information which is relevant for drivers to prepare to the season.

First of all, after testing all cars on several tracks, we received a view of the BOP of the GT3 class. To reduce the risk of transformation our league into Cup Racing we choose 10 model of GT3 cars which are allowed to the season. In alphabetical order:

1. Accura NSX

2. Audi R8 LMS + (Audi Endurance version)

3. Bentley 2016+ (Bentley Endurance version )

4. BMW M6

5. Cadillac ATS-V.R

6. Lamborghini Huracan

7. McLaren 650S

8. Nissan GT-R Nismo

9. Porsche GT3 R + (Porsche Endurance version)

10. Renault R.S. 01


There are 7 rounds planned in the GT3 @ PC2 league:

1. Donington

2. Brno

3. Circuit of the Americas

4. Imola

5. Fuji

6. Long Beach

7. Algarve

And a few words about the races themselves. The information should be necessary to test cars before the beginning of the season:

Each round is 90 minutes distance race.

Tire wear - 2x

Fuel consumption - Normal

You can choose the car only once and it won’t be possible to change the model during the season.

In the GT3 @ PC2 league only skins that are available in the game can be used and they will be reserved by user in a relevant topic on the forum. Each skin in  the game can be reserved only once by one competitor. If there is a lack of skins in a particular model, it means that the selection in this model has already ended and you should make a choice among other available brands.

In the case of painting reservations and the lack of participation in the league races - the administration reserves the right to cancel such a reservation and restore the skin to the pool.

It is forbidden to use the "white skin" because it is used for own painting skin and they are not allowed in our league.

The team consists of two users driving the same car model. Due to the fact that the majority of skins in the game are painted as a pair of cars (differing in small details), the team members are obliged to choose these similar paintings.

We think that this handful of information should be enough to start testing GT 3 cars.


PASSWORD to the server IRG_World#1 :  irgpc2gt3