For new ones

Hi there!
This is short information, how to join IRG Team:

1. Register on our site with the same name, that you are using in the game:

2. Read regulations of our site and current series:

3. Download and install our mod download and update app - IRG Tool 
(It is required to have it launched when driving on league servers)

4. Launch IRG Tool, select series, select rFactor2 directory and install all needed components.

5. Instal downloaded content in rFactor2 launcher ("Content").

6. You can join our servers trough IRG Tool or search it in rFactor2 launcher by name of our servers:
- SMP_GT3#1
- SMP_GT3#2
- IRG_Formula#1
- IRG_Formula#2
(Don't forget, that IRG Tool is necessary when you drive).

7. Test, practice and choose championship you want to compete in (you can drive in both series).

8. Join selected championship on our forum:

9. In case of ony questions, you can ask on our forum, TS3 or shoutbox:

Welcome in IRG and have fun :)